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Cable Locator and Circuit Finder (Tracer)

Cable Locator and Circuit Finder (Tracer)

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Cable Locator and Circuit Finder (Tracer)

The Cable Locator and Circuit Finder is a useful instrument for locating cables and circuits in concrete floors and inside walls.
The instrument consists of a transmitter and receiver, both having multi function display LCDs. Featuring a non-contact voltage finder to assist with tracing live conductors, cables can be detected with or without mains supply. 
The Cable Locator and Circuit Finder is suitable for data or communication circuits and locating circuit breakers and fuses in power circuits. It can also be used for locating breaks in conductors for example in under floor heating.
Product Features:
• LCDs display digital readout and bar graphs
• Three strength level options in transmitter
• Adjustable sensitivity for receiver
• Multifunction displays (LCD)
• LED flashlight on both units
• Back light for receiver
• Auto Power Off (APO)
• NCV Detector
• Suitable for any conductor tracing
• Live circuit maximum receiver voltage: 400V AC or DC
• Output signal 125kHz
Compliance and Safety
IEC61010 CATIII 300V. C-tick
Technical Data



Tracking Depth

Cable Tracing

Single pole 0-2 m


Dual pole 0-0.5m


Single Loop Line < 2.5m

NCV Detection (UAC mode)

10 to 600V AC


Output Signal

125 kHz

Voltage Detection

12 to 400 V AC or DC (50 to 60 Hz) or DC

Note: Tracking depth may vary depending on material and specific applications.
Transmitter and receiver are supplied in a gift box with operating manual, soft carry bag, batteries, test leads, crocodile clips, pluggable probes and an earth spike.
Batteries: 6 x 1.5 AAA IEC LR03
Size: L241.5 x W78 x T38.5mm
Weight: 350g
Batteries: 1 x 9V 6LR61
Size: L190 x W89 x T42.5mm
Weight: 420g
Product Code: C6818

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