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Digital RCD Tester - 240V

Digital RCD Tester - 240V

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Digital RCD Tester - 240V

This compact hand held RCD tester is designed for professional use to obtain accurate values of ’Trip Time' with the selection on a dial switch of the trip current.
Resistors are used to pass the trip current between earths and active therefore a correction factor in percentage is available on the display for adjustment according to the line voltage. The trip time is measured to a maximum of 3.000 seconds, while the fault current is selectable on a range from 3 to 500mA.
The unit has been designed for ease of operation whilst maintaining safety, reliability and accuracy.
Digital RCD Tester - 240V Features
•Three basic tests:
   - Wiring test
   - Line Voltage to Earth
   - Tripping time
• Menu driven and easy to use
• LED wiring check function to check wiring prior to test
• Test angle selection - 0 or 180°
• Dynamic battery check
• Microprocessor controlled
• Tough rugged meter, designed to give accurate measurements in harsh environments
To complete the test:
• Connect the unit and check that the LED display indicates the wiring is correct
• Check that the line voltage is within tolerance
• Set the trip current on the selector and hit the test button
• Once the test is complete, the operator can view the following on the LDC display:
   - Circuit voltage
   - Percentage error current (from nominal voltage)*
   - Disconnection time
   - Polarity at opening
   - Over Temperature Protection
* Voltage fluctuations are taken in to account by the microprocessor, and the percentage error current will be the same as the voltage fluctuations shown on display.
Safety and Compliance
Safety - Meets IEC 1010-1CAT III 300V
EMC - Meets EN55011,
Overload Protection
Over-voltage, over-temperature and fuse protected.
Technical Data




System Voltage


±2% ±1V

Voltage Tester


±1V ±2%

Trip Settings


  % Proportional  
to Voltage

Disconnection Time

0 - 2.999 Seconds

±2% ±1mS




Phase Start Selection

- 180°


  Operating Temperature  

-5 to 45°C


Each unit is supplied in a robust case with test leads, batteries and an instruction manual.
Batteries: - 6 of AA batteries (included)
Size:200 x 85 x 55mm
Product Code: T2712EL


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