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LLFA® Instant Compression Tape - Black 2Pk
  • LLFA® Instant Compression Tape - Black 2Pk

LLFA® Instant Compression Tape - Black 2Pk

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LLFA® Instant Compression Tape - Black 2Pk


LLFA® Compression Tape can be used as a standalone product. It seals when applied with 'maximum stretch', and gives mechanical protection when applied with 'minimum stretch'.
Tape fusion is almost instantaneous. This is an important factor when splicing or protecting a connection that is subject to high humidity or even submergence. Straight and branch joints spliced with LLFA®, from the smallest to the biggest cable size, have undergone European standard testing to BS EN 50393:2006. This jointing method has successfully met all the requirements of the standard to make it the first compression tape jointing solution available in the Europe.
LLFA® Compression Tape is used to repair leaking pipes without turning off the flow. A punctured hose or pipe tightly wrapped with the tape will immediately withstand internal pressure. The pressure will not push between the “fusing layers” because the fusion takes place so quickly (even when wet).
Due to its unique formulation and manufacturing process, the tape is resistant to abrasion and split propagation. Applying a final layer with minimum tension will increase abrasion resistance. Other products decrease or lose adhesion in extreme cold or humid conditions. LLFA® Compression Tape as a CLASS H material will continue to perform at these temperatures. The tape does not have to be kept warm in the cold or vice versa.
This is an environmentally friendly solution and is replacing solutions that are hazardous. LLFA® Compression Tape is also classed as normal waste, and is approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme for use in direct contact with drinking water, both hot and cold.
Standard Compliance: BS EN50393:2006, BS6920, ASTM D2240, A-A-59163, ASTM D-149, ASTM D-412, MIL-I-46852, ASTM D2148, ASTM D3767 (LLFA® specifications meet other international standards not included in this list).
Technical Data


Dielectric Strength

 LLFA®40 = 400VPM (16,000V per 1mm)

Tensile Strength

 > 1200 PSI throughout temperature range

Breaking Strength

> 15 lbs

Tear Resistance

> 125 PSI

Water Absorption

<< 0.5% 

Temperature Range

 -90°C through to 260°C


> 325%

Track Resistance

Prevent electrical conduction along its surface

UV Resistance

Highly UV resistant

Ozone Resistance

Highly ozone resistant

Durometer Hardness

55 - 65

Adhesion (Fusion)

Standard requirement: 'Tape shall not unwind more than 1.0 inch after 3 minutes with an attached load of 600g'. Result: LLFA® Tape < 1inch

Acids and Alkaline

No negative effect from brief exposure to acids and alkaline and can withstand submersion up to 3 days

Self Extinguishing

UL standard 94 rating V-0. Tested to IEEE383 and IEEE1212 for flammability - self extinguishes and will not propagate a flame

Smoke Toxicity

NF X 70 - 100: 2006 test results indicate a C.I.T. value of 5.20. BS6853:1999: Annex B test results indicate an R-value of 0.37

Water Safety

BS6920 results indicate that LLFA® Tape is suitable for use in direct contact with drinking water up to 85ºC. (WRAS Approved)


Product Code: 2C1-19-22B2

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