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The AlphaPat Appliance Tester (Single & 3 Phase)

The AlphaPat Appliance Tester (Single & 3 Phase)

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The AlphaPat Appliance Tester (Single & 3 Phase)

The AlphaPat is a very powerful and lightweight portable appliance tester packaged for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Available in two versions i.e. the budget version AlphaPat or the complete package SuperPatCG2 offering varying features including the option of testing three phase appliances.
The SuperPatCG2 comes with an AlphaPat, vinyl label printer (customer logo programmable on request at extra cost), barcode scanner, RSR SimplyPATs Software, Clamp for Differential Earth Leakage testing 3 phase appliances) and accessory leads in a compact bag that gives you a complete appliance testing package for most applications.
The AlphaPat offers additional testing Features like substitute leakage current, touch leakage current and low range PE leakage test that are not required for AS3760-2003. The AlphaPat does not have an RCD test feature.
Note: If the SuperPatCG2 software is opened and the license registered, it is not refundable. A fee will be charged for the software. Download demo version from
SuperPatCG2 Only (Includes Printer)
•  Tests to AS/NZ3760-2003
•  Single and three phase appliances
•  PC updatable firmware
•  Updatable software
•  Custom testing
•  Earth Bond Test
•  Powered Leakage to Earth Test
•  Load testing
•  Checks installation supply
•  On-board Help Menu
•  RFID and bar code capable
•  One year Warranty
•  AlphaPat is upgradeable to SuperPatCG2
•  IP41
•  Easy to use with Auto Test codes
•  Package in easy to carry custom bag
•  Bag is water resistant
•  Printer attached (customer logo programmable)
•  Accessories attached
•  7 different coloured tags
•  Prints a 'DANGER' label for failed appliances
•  Double barcode printing
•  Fast and reliable
•  Visual logging with electrical units of measurement
•  Comprehensive software
•  Auto test after code is selected
Compliance and Safety
IEC61010 CAT II 300V (suitable for appliance testing), double insulation




Earth Bond Test

0.00 to 19.99Ω @ 10 or 25 A AC

¬ 5% + 5 dgt

Earth Screen Test

0.00 to 19.99Ω @100mA to 20mA

¬ 5% + 5 dgt

Insulation test

0.00 to 19.99 MΩ

¬ 5% + 5 dgt

Differential Leakage Test

0.00 to 19.99 mA

¬ 5% + 5 dgt

Funtional Test




Á0.00 to 19.99A

¬ 5% + 3 dgt


Á0.00 to 3.69 kVA


IEC Lead Test

Open, Short, Crossed @ 50V DC


Clamp Current Test

Á0.00 to 99.9 mA

¬ 10% + 5 dgt

100 mA to 19.99 A

¬ 5%

RS 232 Interface

Baud Rate 9600



4 Mbit Data Flash Memory


The unit comes in a bag with manual, code list and cable accessories.
Product Code: ALPHAPAT

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