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USB Dual Car Charger

USB Dual Car Charger

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USB Dual Car Charger

More and more mobile gadgets and devices are being used while travelling in cars and may require power while operating or charging. Mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS and computer tablets are commonly found in cars while people are multi-tasking on the road and on long road trips. Most of these devices are supplied with a charging or syncing cable, USB connector or adaptable to USB connector.
Often there are multiple devices that require power at the same time for operation or charging and therefore one USB point is not enough. The USB Dual Car Charger features two USB outlet sockets so that one can keep a GPS going while playing a MP3 player on the car stereo. Or a flat mobile phone can be charged, waiting for that important phone call, while keeping a tablet alive for the address and map of the next destination. With plenty of power to feed your mobile devices, the USB Dual Car Charger can quickly charge your computer tablet, the most power hungry device, on the go. 
Featuring a sleek and compact design with  2 x USB outlets side by side, the clean white colour of the exterior matches with cables and accessories of the most popular brands of gadgets. The white colour unit also stands out in the often dark car interior. A LED indicator clearly displays the charging status and an inherent circuitry design stops overcharging using an in-built intelligent chip.
USB Dual Car Charger Features
• LED charging indicator
• 2 x USB ports
• Made for power hungry devices
• Convenient, quick and safe charging
• Adaptive circuitry works with international voltage standards
• Intelligent chip prevents overcharging
• Outputs 5Vd.c.
• Sleek and compact design
• White colour, easy to see in car
Technical Data
Input Connection: Car cigarette lighter plug
Output Connections: 2 x USB sockets
Charging Current: 2.1A max. combined for the 2 USB outlets
Output Voltage: 5Vd.c.
Colour: White
Product Code: USBDCC

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